How Social Media Can Help You Cope When Losing A Pet

Not a topic I wish to write about, but unfortunately, we all must go through it at some time with our pets. Losing a pet can be heartbreaking, and sharing the news and how you feel may be challenging without being emotional. Here are some tips on how social media can help you share the news and how it can help you get through it.Search #Rainbowbridge.First and foremost, acknowledge your feelings and know that your feelings and emotions are valid. Feeling sad, angry, and depressed when you lose a beloved pet is hard to talk about, and you may find it hard to keep your emotions together. Allow yourself to experience emotions without judgment by searching hashtag #Rainbowbridge. This # can help you see that you are not alone by seeing other people’s experiences with losing their pets. People use this hashtag to express their feelings by writing poems, using quotes that give hope, posting pictures, and sharing stories that share the same feelings you may be going through. Hopefully, this hashtag can help you get reassurance from others that these feelings, too, shall pass. Post about it.Sharing your story can help you process your grief and feel supported. When Chochi passed away,  I went to social media and posted the sad news. Since sending a text message has a reputation for having to reply immediately, the post allowed me to post about his death and return to the post when I was ready. It allowed others to like, love, and comment on the post, and when I was ready, I was able to read everyone’s caring messages. Seeing how many people shared their condolences comforted me when I was prepared to face it.Honor your pet’s memory.If you frequently posted about your pet, you can go back and save your photos and create a folder or make a reel that you can share with family and friends. From time to time, I look through all of Ani and now Chochi’s pictures and reminisce on past times. You can also create a memorial or keepsake with photos or other mementos. Search “Pet Memorial” or “Pet Portrait” on Instagram. You will find many small businesses that can create custom art, digital art, keepsakes, and even a custom plushie of your beloved pet that you can cherish forever.Here are a few accounts that I follow that I love and follow that can create a beautiful memorial keepsake of your pet.@custompopco@petportraitsbycaitlin@petsies@cuddleclones@perkieprints@wooflore@thewestwillow@stillnovel