How Social Media Can Help You Cope When Losing A Pet

Not a topic I wish to write about, but unfortunately, we all must go through it at some time with our pets. Losing a pet can be heartbreaking, and sharing the news and how you feel may be challenging without being emotional. 

What Is a Doodle and What Are The Differences Between The Generations

What is a doodle? A doodle is a type of dog created by crossing a poodle with another breed. They have become increasingly popular pets in recent years. I have two! Many people don’t know that there are different generations of doodles. This article will discuss the different generations

Why Sleeping with Your Pet Is Not a Good Idea

Many people sleep with their pets in their beds; trust me, I was most people until I experienced a few things that made me rethink allowing my pets to sleep in my bed. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t let your pet sleep in your bed.

20 Inspirational Quotes About Dogs

There’s nothing like cuddling up with our furry friends after a ruff day. Below are 20 quotes about dogs that remind us why we can’t live without them. Which quote is your favorite?

Preventative Care

Something I have learned in life through experience is that we have to take initiative. We have to take initiative when it comes to so many different aspects in our lives. One of those aspects is our health.


We have a giant among us. Weighing in at 190 pounds and towering at 5’9 whenever he is wanting a hug. Henry is our gentle giant! Being a Dog Lover means you are willing to do the research before you go out and search for a life-long companion.

More Than a Pet

Many have mentioned that I have 10 children and I do. I care for Olivia, Chochi, Oliver, Basher, Louis, Henry, Benji, Coco, and Yusimi. My 10th child, who I would like to stop taking care of, is Hector.