More Than a Pet

Many have mentioned that I have 10 children and I do. I care for Liv, Chochi, Oliver, Basher, Louis, Henry, Benji, Coco, and Yusimi. My 10th child, who I would like to stop taking care of, is Hector. Many can relate, I am sure! The dogs are not viewed as pets, they are not viewed as anything less than my children. They get the love, attention, and care they deserve. Dogs give so much to us. They offer support, love, and companionship. I am taken back whenever I receive messages saying, “They are JUST dogs.” or “You treat your animals better than some humans are treated.” I do not receive these messages, however, when it comes to Olivia. We strive to provide the best life possible for our human children; why would we not do the same for our furry children? They give us love, they have emotions. We mean more to them than we will ever comprehend. Whenever I am contacted to give advice on owning a dog, I explain how they are more than a dog. They need to be seen by the Vet regularly, they need the proper nutrition, they need proper grooming depending on the breed, and they need the sufficient amount of attention depending on their breed also. Several factors go into owning a dog, very similarly to having a child. This is why I view it as more than just having a pet. Dogs honor us their entire lives; we are all they have and know. You can honor them the same way by understanding what goes into caring for a dog before getting one. It is a huge responsibility and you need to be willing and able to accept the responsibility.