Preventative Care

Something I have learned in life through experience is that we have to take initiative. We have to take initiative when it comes to so many different aspects in our lives. One of those aspects is our health. Doctors are not going to take the trip to visit you just to give you care. It is up to us to decide if something is going on or if it is even worth seeing a Doctor for. Many of us do not consider that there are actions aside from an annual visit to the Doctor that can help our health in the long run. Same goes for our furry family members! Preventative care is extremely important for yourself, but also for your four-legged friends. As I have mentioned before, Henry has required quite a bit of preventive care. On top of getting the surgery done to prevent any abdominal problems associated with larger breeds, I take Henry to get X-Rays and ultrasounds regularly. These two, separately and together, can help prevent various issues. X-Rays primarily help with viewing the sizing and shapes of the organs as opposed to an ultrasound that gives the Veterinarian an internal peek at the organs. In Henry’s situation, these tests can help the Vet make sure the surgery he had is doing what it was intended for. The ultrasound, in particular, can be a life saver. We take our dogs in when they are acting differently from their usual selves, but we do not consider how helpful taking them in for preventative care can be. It is understandable that tests like X-Rays and ultrasounds seem daunting, especially in cost. These tests seem more suitable for emergency cases, but we honor our dogs by taking the initiative to make sure they are all fine, inside and out. Honor yourself and your beloved dogs by taking the initiative to a healthier life without surprises. Be provocative in assuring you are taking the right steps to stop health issues before they become an issue!