What Is a Doodle and What Are The Differences

Between The Generations

What is a doodle? A doodle is a type of dog created by crossing a poodle with another breed. They have become increasingly popular pets in recent years. I have two! Many people don’t know that there are different generations of doodles. This article will discuss the different generations; F1, F1B, F2, F1BB, F3 and F4. 

In this article, we’ll use a Golden Retriever as the crossbreed. 

F1 doodles are a cross between a purebred poodle and a purebred Golden Retriever. 
The “F” stands for “First Generation 
ie: 100% Poodle + 100% Retriever = F1 Doodle..” 

F1B doodles are a cross between an F1 doodle and a purebred poodle.  
ie: An F1 (50% Poodle/50% Retriever) + a 100% Poodle = F1B Doodle. 
Making this doodle 75% Poodle + 25% Golden Retriever. 
F1B doodles will have more Poodle in their genes. 
Fun Fact: Our Benji is an F1B Doodle! 
The “B” stands for “Back Cross” which means the cross has been bred back to a purebred parent, typically the Poodle.  

F2 doodles are a cross between two F1 doodles.  
“F2” stands for “Second Generation”. 
ie: An F1 (50% Poodle/50% Retriever) + an F1 (50% Poodle/50% Retriever) = F2 Doodle. 
Fun Fact: Our little girl Yusimi is an F2 Doodle! 

F1BB doodles are a cross between two F1B doodles.  
ie: An F1B doodle (75% Poodle/25% Golden Retriever) + an F1B doodle (75% Poodle/25% Golden Retriever) = F1BB Doodle.  

F3 doodles are a cross between two second-generation doodles (F2 Doodles).  
These doodles are third generation doodles.  

Can you guess what makes an F4 doodle?  
Yes, you got it!  
A cross between two third-generation doodles. 

Generations can go on and on, but it isn’t as popular as breeders tend to breed F1-F4 generations.   

Popular doodles crossbreeds include: 

Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle) 
Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever + Poodle) 
Bernadoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle) 
Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog + Poodle) 
Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer + Poodle) 
Whoodle (Wheaton Terrier + Poodle) 
Irish Doodle (Irish Setter + Poodle) 
Saint Berdoodle (Saint Bernard + Poodle) 
Boxerdoodle (Boxer + Poodle) 
Aussiedoodle ( Australian Shepherd + Poodle) 
Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle) 
Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Miniature Poodle)